New interview

I would like to start this interview as an inspiring conversation about the future. But since Kyiv is coming out of another lockdown, I’ll ask: how has ballet adapted to the restrictions and how has the strict quarantine affected your plans?

In the current situation, it is difficult to plan something. I can say one thing – the premiere of the new ballet "Dante" will definitely take place! As soon as we get the opportunity to fully rehearse, and as soon as our auditorium is full again, we can talk about specific dates.

During the first quarantine, we practiced at home. Everyone tried to find a place to train. My husband made a small ballet stage for me, and I practiced every day. In fact, it is very easy to get out of good physical shape. You can see that even in one day without training.

And most importantly, we all really miss the stage and the audience, and look forward to seeing you!