New interview

November 14 should have marked the 50th anniversary of the legend of Ukrainian rock and roll, soloist of the band "Dead Rooster", actor of the Kharkiv Experimental Theater "Arabesque", Mykhailo (Misko) Barbara. But, on October 11, less than a month before his anniversary, Mykhailo died — in Kharkiv, in the arms of his wife, director of "Arabesque", Svetlana Oleshko. Misko's death came as a huge shock to the Ukrainian cultural community, so on the eve of the would-be anniversary we decided to record a conversation with Svitlana about the coexistence of two powerful artists as a couple, co-creation, adulthood, Barbara's role in the theater, and other intimate and social things.

The conversation was led by Ivanna Skyba-Yakubova, manager and publicist of cultural projects and friend of Svetlana and Mikhail. The interview was recorded in partnership with the Kharkiv media project Nakipilo.