New interview

Haska Shyyan: Hello everyone! Irena Karpa and I are sitting in the Luxembourg Garden and talking about our lives and work. We chose this place not by chance, but because we have a very funny story connected to the Luxembourg Garden. Irena had just moved to Paris to work, and I came here for family reasons around Christmas. It was probably…

Irena Karpa: The end of 2015.

Haska Shyyan: The end of 2015 — the beginning of 2016. It was December, and the weather was about the same as now, despite the fact that it is May now and today is the first really normal sunny day. We went to the Luxembourg Garden to drink coffee. We were sitting on chairs, drinking coffee and weren't bothering anyone. And the lady came to us and asked, probably pouncing on the bright sight of my skirt (laughs), if she could take a picture of us. She said that she was a correspondent for Le Parisien and that she was writing about an unusually sunny December. She asked if it was possible to take a picture of us and take a comment from us. We said, "Of course."

Irena Karpa: And we didn't believe her at all. She looked like a city madwoman. Her camera was very poor. We thought, "Parisien? No way", but then, “Well, she is a good woman”. She was very modest. She was very embarrassed to ask us, but we said, “Come on!”