New interview

We are recording the interview with Andriy Sodomora in a bomb shelter under the Franko House in Lviv. Just now, a public discussion about what gives us strength in dark times has come to an end. Now Andriy Oleksandrovych and I are sitting at a long table in a basement, one-on-one. I look around the room out of habit: if the windows are nearby, whether there are mirrors opposite of us. My eyes stumble upon the visage of Ivan Franko. He stares from the portrait, not straight ahead but somewhere to the side, in the presumed direction of a window. Thankfully, there is no window. This scene – it is the third month of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and I am speaking with our main translator of antique literature in a basement – will remain with me forever. And this, too, is why we fight.

Only afterwards do I turn on the audio recorder.