New interview

We start a new type of publication – an interview with a writer conducted by another writer.

Ari van der Ent, a Dutch translator, Slavist, poet and writer, recorded for us a conversation with Andriy Kurkov about cacti, anecdotes, fictional and autobiographical stories, scandals, awards, and new projects:

"Just in time, the first traces of winter being everywhere around, just before their long nine months journey to sunny San Diego, California, USA, we met – the three of us from Hermanivka  – husband, wife and pitbull – with the two of them in Lazarivka, husband and wife, just for the common comforting 'family business' of juicy 'kuritsa derevenskaya', perfectly light Valencia red wine and banya & beer. We moved the interview to next morning. This is what came out of it"